NSFAS Frequently Asked Questions - SharCourse

NSFAS Frequently Asked Questions - see below the questions and answers.

NSFAS Frequently Asked Questions - SharCourse

I have loaded my ID number, name, and surname, but I cannot continue with my application.

  • The system validates all information as received from the Department of Home Affairs. Ensure that you type in your ID number, name/s, and surname exactly as they appear on your ID document or birth certificate.

I applied last year, and I was not approved for funding. Can I apply for 2022?

  • Yes, if you applied for NSFAS in 2021 or prior years and your application was not approved but you still need funding for 2022, you may apply again if you meet the funding criteria

My application for NSFAS funding was approved, but I did not register during the time I was approved for NSFAS. Do I have to reapply for 2022?

  • Yes. After your NSFAS application is approved, you have a year to register at a TVET college or university. If your NSFAS funding application for the 2020 academic year was approved and you failed to register for a full year, you need to apply again.

I studied at a TVET college this year but want to proceed and study for a university qualification in 2022, do I need to apply?

  • Yes. To be funded for an approved university qualification in 2022, you need to have passed and completed your TVET qualification. You also need to ensure that you apply at the university for a NSFAS funded course.